The changes taking place in Tapiola also involve great improvements in transport connections. The new underground car park and public transport connections offer easy access to AINOA.

Tapiola Park, a high-quality parking facility with more than 2,000 parking spaces and a direct connection to the shopping centre, was completed in March 2016. With Tapiola metro station located just a stone's throw away, the centre of Helsinki is within a ten-minute journey. Also, the bus terminal to be completed on AINOA's M level in 2019 will be one of Finland's busiest: up to 100 buses will stop there every hour.

The public transport terminal that is to be built by Merituulentie will offer direct access to AINOA's services. Until the bus terminal begins operations, buses will leave from Pohjantie and Tapionaukio.



30,000 passengers every day

Bus terminal

Up to 100 busses every hour

Tapiola Park

2,000 parking spaces