Getting here

1. By car

2. By public transport

3. Parking

4. By bicycle

1. Getting here by car

AINOA / Tapiola Park, Tapiolantie roundabout and Etelätuulentie 1

Entrances by car::

From the west: Etelätuulentie 1 (

From the east: Tapiolantie roundabout (

Entrance to indoor car park is open:

Mon–Sat 4:45am–12:00 midnight
Sun 5:45am–12:00 midnight

Exit 24/7.

From Ring I:

From the Otsolahti junction, turn to Tapiolantie and exit the roundabout at Tapiola Park car parkn.

From Länsiväylä:

From the west, turn from the Tapiola junction to Etelätuulentie, and then left to Tapiola Park car park.
From the east, turn right from the Tapiola junction to Tapiolantie and then from the roundabout to Tapiola Park car park.

From Pohjantie and Merituulentie:

Drive to Etelätuulentie, and turn to Tapiola Park car park from there.


Tapiola Park indoor car park has 2,000 parking spaces with easy access to AINOA. There are 14 lifts that take you directly from the car park to the shopping centre. AINOA lift lounges are green.

You get two hours of free parking in Tapiola Park when you register as a user of the AINOA and Taskuparkki apps. After the free parking period ends, parking costs EUR 2/h according to the normal price list. Read more:

Parking fees in Tapiola Park:

The first hour costs €2, after which the fee is €1/30 min. 




Travel time by public transport from Helsinki Railway Square is only 14 minutes, from Espoo Centre about 30 minutes, and 10–15 minutes from Leppävaara.


It's easy to visit AINOA by metro. Whether you are coming from Espoo or Helsinki, you can take any metro train, as all trains stop at Tapiola. AINOA is also a convenient place to stop for a coffee on your way to work!

The AINOA shopping centre is directly accessible from Tapiola metro station. The route is signposted and the easiest way is through platforms 1–7 at Tapiola bus terminal on the M level of AINOA.


Take the bus if you want to get straight to the shops easily! The new Tapiola bus terminal is directly accessible from the AINOA shopping centre on level M.

Espoo-bound buses depart from platforms 1–7 and can be accessed through level M of the shopping centre. Helsinki-bound buses depart from platforms 10 and 11 and are directly accessible through the first floor of the shopping centre.

Bus timetables for AINOA stops can be found under Bus timetables in the AINOA mobile app.

All bus and metro services can be checked at


Stops in the Espoo direction (westbound):

Platform 1:
E2187, 112 Matinkylä (M)

Platform 2:
E2186, 124 Tillinmäki, 124K Saunalahti, 125 Espoonlahti, 125K Latokaski

Platform 3:
E2185, 118 Kauklahti, 118B Suurpelto

Platform 4:
E2184, 548 Jupperi, 549 Jorvi

Platform 5:
E2183, 114 Leppävaara, 115 Mankkaa

Platform 6:
E2182, 113 Leppävaara

Platform 7:
E2006, 111 Otaniemi, 550 Westendinasema, 550 Westendinasema, 113N Leppävaara, 114N Leppävaara, 118N Jorvi, 125N Latokaski, 550N Westendinasema, neighbourhood routes 116, 117, 119

Stops in the Helsinki direction (eastbound):

Platform 10:
Final stop for services terminating at the terminal (112, 113, 114, 115, 118, 118B, 124, 124K, 125, 125K, 548, 549)

Platform 11:
E2007, 111 Hyljelahti, 550 Itäkeskus, 510 Herttoniemi, 113N, 114N, 118N, 125N, 551N Kamppi, neighbourhood routes 116, 119

See the Tapiola bus terminal map here. (click to enlarge the image)

Katso Tapiolan lähialueen ja julkisen liikenteen kartta tästä




1. Install the Taskuparkki app from AppStore or Google Play storeApp Store tai Google Play store

Register as a user.

If you have registered for the AINOA app before, use the same email address.

2. Choose My information.

Add your payment card and vehicle in your information.

After the free parking period, the parking fee is two euros per hour. The fee is charged to your card automatically.

To use the offer, you need to activate camera identification from your vehicle information. Parking time begins and ends automatically by camera identification when you enter the car park and when you leave.

Note! Camera identification only works with Finnish number plates.

3. Install the AINOA app from the AppStore or Google Play store App Store tai Google Play store

In the app, choose Parking.

4. Fill in the necessary information and choose Next.

Accept the terms of use and allow the application to transfer your information to the Taskuparkki app. Choose Activate your offer.

Note! Use the same email address as for the Taskuparkki app.

Get your two hours of free parking by downloading the apps. The parking offer cannot be combined with other offers.


Tapiola Park has 2,000 parking spaces and 20 electric car charging points (levels P1 and P2). Charging price from 8 am to 8 pm, 1 € / hour + 15 c / kWh. From 8 pm to 8 am 0.2 € / h + 15c / kWh (incl. VAT 24%).

Tapiola Park has more than 50 parking spaces for people with restricted mobility right next to the lifts. Show your parkingcard for people with disabilities at the AINOA Info Point on the first floor or at the Aimo Park pick-up point on level P2 to get a coupon for two hours of free parking.

Opening hours
Mon–Sat 4:45am–12:00 midnight
Sun 5:45am–12:00 midnight

Exit 24/7

Customer service:
Aimo Park, tel. 020 781 2400,




A bike ride in the green Tapiola ares is always refreshing. You can cycle to AINOA and park your bike easily in AINOA's covered bike park. You can find bike parks on Merituulentori square, on the east side of Tuulikinsilta bridge and on Länsituuli near the main entrance