Tapiolan kaupallinen sydän
Tapiola's commercial heart

Tapiola is located in Espoo, amid verdant pine forests. It was built in the 1950s-'60s as a completely new kind of a residential area, a garden city. Through the years, this area of cultural and historic value has been a showcase of Finnish urban planning around the world. Over time, a network of commerce, culture and public services has emerged in Tapiola. The AINOA shopping centre is its beating heart.

The name Tapiola was chosen after a public competition. The name was inspired by Finland's national epic Kalevala, and the area's streets, squares and landmarks have been named accordingly. The name of the shopping centre AINOA, opened in 2013, was also inspired by the character of Aino in Kalevala. This epic theme is evident in many of the details at the shopping centre, such as the decoration of the oak panelling and, of course, the AINOA logo. The national epic has also influenced the egg-shaped squares surrounded by the shopping centre's numerous stores and services.

A combination of a traditional town centre and a modern shopping centre 

Completed in three stages, the AINOA shopping centre is now in its full glory, offering a hundred unique interior design stores, trendy fashion stores, elegant cafés and restaurants and high-quality service.

Its 50,000 m2 house popular chain stores, smaller specialist stores and a 1,500 m2 food court, the AINOA Food Garden, which is certain to serve something to please every appetite.

AINOA is easy to visit. The shopping centre is conveniently located at the junction of traffic routes and has direct access to the Tapiola metro station and one of Finland's busiest public transport terminals with as many as 100 buses an hour. Helsinki City Centre is only ten minutes away! For those visiting by car, the shopping centre offers a spacious indoor car park for 2,000 cars.

The unique Tapiola experience is improved further by Finland's largest pedestrian town centre with its shops and services that surround AINOA. As a whole, AINOA is much more than a shopping centre. This means diverse shopping and services, high-quality parking facilities, easy access and unique living. Welcome to AINOA! 




2013 The first phase is completed.
The shopping centre's floor area is 10,000 m2 and it has 30 tenants.
The first part of Tapiola Park is also taken into use..




Tapiola Park is completed, offering 2,000 parking spaces for customers.




The second phase of AINOA and the new Stockmann department store open.
The shopping centre grows in size to 30,000 m2 and the number of tenants to 50.
Metro service starts at the Tapiola metro station in November.
AINOA is finally directly accessible by metro.




Tapiola bus terminal opens in connection with the shopping centre.
Third phase of AINOA is completed in October.
The size of the shopping centre grows to 50,000 m2 and the number of tenants to 100.